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We offer reliable, secure and fast solutions for automating file transfer, synchronization, mirroring, replication and backups over FTP, FTPS, and SFTP connections. This product line consists of five different software packages that are all based on same robust MultiWire™ multithreaded transfer engine. Our sync products utilizes SyncDB™ change tracking technology for automated and accurate control over file transfers.

We have solutions for:

  • Web site updates
  • Web content distribution
  • Web server mirroring
  • Remote server backup
  • Offsite database backup
  • Log file downloads
  • Script development and updates
  • eCommerce product updates
  • Photo collection updates
  • Web server backup
  • Email backup
  • Branch office file replication

3D-FTP: An Advanced FTP Client Software

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3D-FTP is an extremely fast FTP file transfer client with advanced feature set and easy to use user interface. 3D-FTP helps you perform remote file management tasks fast and efficiently, and boosts the file transfer with automatic compression and background transfers.

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FTP Sync Products - Feature Comparison

The following table illustrates the sync product line features and differences.


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InstantSync™ FTP

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InstantSync™ Secure FTPS/SFTP
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BatchSync™ FTP
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BatchSync™ Secure FTPS/SFTP
Product web page
One-way file synchronization
One-way file replication/mirroring
Two-way file synchronization
SyncDB™ smart change tracking
MultiWire™ fast multithreaded transfers
max 10 threads
max 10 threads
max 25 threads
max 25 threads
Task Editor software for creating and managing sync tasks
Sync folders with single mouse click
Sync Preview - show sync results w/o transferring
Include filters
Exclude filters
Filter by file/folder name, size, date, attributes
Use regular expressions in filters
Rules to handle conflicts
Recursively sync folders
Optionally delete extra files on target
Optionally ignore symbolic links
AutoResume failed transfers
Unlimited retries
Unlimited retries
Unlimited retries
Unlimited retries

4GB+ file size support

Firewall & proxy support
Server time zone adjustment
Extensive logging options
Automatic log file rotation
Multiple auto-rotation schemes
Sync tasks are saved to ASCII files, making it easy to copy/duplicate/manage
Each sync task has its own set of options, like filters, max retries, timeouts, number of threads, logging, etc.
Schedule sync tasks    
Run scheduled tasks as a service    
Email notifications on success/errors    
Run sync tasks from command line, e.g. in batch files    
Run multiple sync tasks simultaneously    
Run sequence of sync tasks in succession    
Support for standard FTP transfers
Support for SFTP over SSL  
SFTP implicit and explicit connection methods  
Support for FTPS over SSH2  
Secure file transfers with strong encryption algorithms  

Support for 256-bit AES, adopted as an encryption standard by the US government

Vista compatible


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