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3D-FTP 8.0 Features

MultiWire™ Multi-threaded Transfer Engine

  • Get up to 20x faster transfer speed
  • Maximize your bandwidth usage by transferring multiple files simultaneously
  • Browse and change folders while transferring files in the background
  • Add new files to the queue and connect to other sites while transferring files
  • View status of each thread on Thread pane display
  • Get full support for single-threaded mode for sites allowing only one connection at a time


Selectable Themes to Customize Looks

  • Customize software looks with multiple user-selectable themes
  • Choose from five visual themes included in the download package
  • Rearrange on-screen elements to match your preferences or select one of the predefined layouts
  • Customize toolbar, menus and keyboard shortcuts
  • Receive full support for new Windows Vista aero visual effects, like window transparency

Folder Synchronization

  • Update web site content or make a backup of web server directory tree by synchronizing local and remote folders. This makes folders identical by automatically transferring only new and changed files. No need to know or remember what files were modified and need to be transferred
  • Use the Include/Exclude filtering feature in Sync


SiteManager and Site Sharing over Network

  • Save and organize your sites efficiently with folders and subfolders
  • Arrange sites with drag'n drop functionality
  • Directly access bookmarks under each site
  • Directly access the most recently used folders
  • Quickly access the most recently visited sites in Site-menu
  • Access the Favorite Folders drop-down menu
  • Share SiteManager information over the network
  • Optionally lock SiteManager info in the shared network environment (by setting it as read only)
  • Import sites from CuteFTP
  • Import sites from WS_FTP
  • Import sites from FTPVoyager, Bulletproof FTP, etc.

Drag'n Drop User Interface

  • Transfer files and folders by dragging them with mouse
  • Drag files from remote and local file lists to transfer queue
  • Drag download links from web browser to queue
  • Access file and folder actions via right-click menus
  • Access queue actions via right-click menus
  • Rearrange queue items with drag'n drop
  • Full mouse wheel scrolling support in file lists, the queue and log panes


Unlimited File Size Support for Files over 4GB+

  • Transfer files larger than 4GB
  • Simultaneously transfer multiple 4GB+ files in parallel, and resume if transfer is interrupted by Internet connection failure or for other reasons

Automatic Compression with MODE Z

  • Automatically compress transferred data, e.g., turn a 60MB log file can into a 5MB data exchange when transferring with MODE Z enabled. Requires server side support for MODE Z

Recurring Scheduling

  • Schedule file transfers for a later time/date
  • Set up recurring scheduling for daily, weekly or monthly schedules
  • Set up schedule to repeat at a certain time of day or every Nth sec/min/hour during the day. You can also set start and end times/dates for schedules
  • Set up individual transfer schedule for each queue item
  • Schedule simultaneous transfers of files from multiple servers
  • Continue using program normally while scheduled transfers occur in the background

Antivirus Scanning

  • Be secure with 3D-FTP's automatic virus scanning of all downloaded files for viruses. This feature requires separate antivirus software like Norton Antivirus or McAfee VirusScan


  • Save most used sites and folders as bookmarks, access them with single mouse click
  • Give bookmarks descriptive names, like Web Server Log Files, Web HTML Pics, etc., to make these bookmarks easy to use and remember
  • Access bookmarks via the Bookmarks menu, from SiteManager or from the Favorites Folder drop-down menu
  • Create bookmarks to local folders for fast access

Show Total Folder Size

  • Calculate the total size for all files in the selected folder, including all files in the sub-folders
  • View results in the tree view with the two largest folders highlighted

Remote Editor

  • Edit files directly on the remote server using the internal text editor
  • Set up multiple user-definable external editors for different filename extensions.
  • Upload automatically after saving the file in the external editor (no need to exit editor for uploads).

Print Directory Listings

  • Print full or partial file and folder listings
  • Customize columns and set sort order in the printout

Transfer Queue

  • Add files and folders with full recursive sub-folder support
  • Get support for multiple sites (one queue can hold files for any number of sites and program will handle connects to different sites automatically)
  • Rearrange the queue items with drag'n drop, select and drag multiple items at once
  • View each item's estimated transfer time and progress bar
  • Save and load queue to the disk for later use
  • Use the Sticky Queue feature to automatically save the queue on exit and restore it on start-up
  • Schedule queue transfer for later time
  • Automatically reconnect and resume transferring in case of errors (transfers WILL succeed)
  • Perform Clipboard Monitoring plus AutoStart transfer when the download item is copied to clipboard
  • Automatically rearrange the queue for optimum Ratio Site downloads = minimum uploads to get the files you want to download from the Ratio Sites

Non-stop File Transfers

  • Automatically resume any interrupted file transfers
  • Resume options are Automatic mode, Overwrite and Prompt user (with timed autoclose)
  • Get full support for both FTP and HTTP file transfer resume

Session and Transfer Logging

  • Store the log window content (=Session Logging) or list of all files transferred (=Transfer Logging) grouped by site. You can also specify how often the new log file is created (options are daily, weekly, or monthly). Log files can include the time/date stamps for each entry.

Net Speed Tester

  • Test the network speed of a specific site before actually connecting to it. The 3D-FTP connect dialog includes VU-meter style Net Speed Meter, giving Rating of 0...100, estimating how file transfers will succeed, plus the graphical Ping time, Ping average and packet loss displays.

Firewall Support

  • Get firewall support for over seven firewall types, including Socks V4 and V5 support
  • Optionally resolve host name locally
  • Get proxy support for HTTP transfers

Advanced Features

  • Set uploaded file date with MDTM or new MFMT command
  • Get extended directory listings with MLST and MLSD commands
  • Use Recursive Delete function to delete whole directory tree and files recursively
  • Drag'n drop files from Explorer to the remote site with Windows Explorer integration
  • Drag files from the web browser to the queue for error free downloads
  • Select files with compare (e.g., select all local files that are newer on local than on remote)
  • Select files with wildcards (e.g., select *.htm* files)
  • Use Automatic Ascii vs. Binary transfer mode, with user-editable list of file extensions to transfer in Ascii mode
  • Minimize the program to the system tray
  • Use directory list caching for speedier remote server browsing
  • Access most recently-used folders in each server from the drop-down list
  • Copy and paste links from the clipboard with automatic URL parsing
  • Change file mode (ChMod) either visually (via check boxes) or by entering number codes (like 755)
  • Keep connection open with Smart Keep Alive commands, a user-selectable list of commands that are randomly sent to the server
  • Reconnect automatically if server disconnects you
  • Attach sounds for various events like connect, disconnect, transfer complete, transfer errors, etc.
  • Customize list command (like LIST -al) to display hidden files and resolve links

Unlimited Site Licenses

  • Purchase site licenses that allow you to install 3D-FTP on every PC on your corporation without need to keep count on installations

System Requirements

  • Full Windows Vista support
  • Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 Server or 2008 Server
  • Internet connection

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