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Plug-In Gallery - Download free plug-ins with full source code

Plug-Ins are small programs that extend the 3D-FTP functionality. You can download free Plug-Ins from this page, or you can create your own with your favorite programming language (e.g. Visual Basic, Visual C++, Word, Excel etc.) and 3D-FTP Plug-In SDK (click here to read more and download SDK).

All Plug-Ins found on this page have FULL SOURCE CODE available for FREE download, so you can study and learn from them and use them as basis for your own Plug-In projects. We encourage you to create your own Plug-Ins and send them to us to be listed on this page. Please send your plug-in as email attachment to with or without the source code.

Plug-In Installation

1) Download Plug-In ZIP file
2) Save ZIP to \PlugIns\ directory under 3D-FTP installation directory
3) Unzip file
4) Restart 3D-FTP to make plug-in visible in Plug-Ins menu

Plug-In ZIP file includes .EXE and .INI files. You can start plug-in simply by executing the EXE-file, or by selecting plug-in name from Plug-Ins submenu in 3D-FTP. Plug-Ins can also have AutoStart option turned on, so they are automatically started on 3D-FTP start-up.

Download Plug-Ins

Move Remote Files ( - VB Source Code (

New version 3/22/2004 (fixes a bug). This plug-in makes it easy to move files and directories on remote server without downloading them. This is how it works: Just select source files you want to move and choose Move Remote Files-command. Then change to destination directory and click Move Now-button. Done. NOTICE! This plug-in requires 3D-FTP 6.01 or newer.

Drag-It! ( - VB Source Code (

Drag-It! Plug-In opens small (Always On Top) window and you can drag FTP links from browser to this window. The Dropped FTP links are added to 3D-FTP transfer queue, and if AutoStart is on, download is started automatically. If download fails, 3D-FTP automatically tries to resume the download, saving lot of time and hair pulling on bad connections.

Mirror-It! ( - VB Source Code (

Mirror-It! Plug-In allows you to easily update e.g. your web pages on remote server. The Plug-In transfers all new and updated files from local hard disk to remote FTP server (with full recursive directory support), so you can update local files (local image) and then ask MirrorIt! to transfer only new & updated files to server. So you do not have to keep count on what files needs to be transferred, but let MirrorIt! to do all dirty work for you.

Upload-It! ( - VB Source Code (

Upload-It also helps web page developers to upload new and changed files to web server (as Mirror-It! does), but it uses archive-bit on local files to track changes, rather than file size & date (ftp servers might have wrong time/date and file sizes differ in Windows and UNIX systems). This makes Upload-It! more bullet proof with various FTP servers out there.



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