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Version History

This version history applies to all BatchSync and InstantSync editions.


  • Improved: New buffer size setting, increases speed up to 5x on some network configurations, like ATM networks
  • Improved: New tabs in Edit Server-window to make access to server settings easier
  • Improved: New Vista icons
  • Improved: Functionality with Globalscape, ProFTPD and Serv-U servers
  • Improved: Connection logic with SFTP servers
  • Improved: Help file
  • New: All new digitally signed installer package. Installed package is also now protected with checksums agains alteration
  • Fixed: Bug: Filezilla directory listing handling
  • Fixed: Bug: Duplicate task > then rename the new copy > GPF
  • Fixed: Bug: Launch errors on some vista and server 2008 computers
  • Fixed: Bug: Occasional Access Violation errors.
  • Fixed: Bug: Invalid logic if FTPS login fails -> Gives wrong error message about remote directory missing
  • Verified: File transfer and resume logic tested and verified with very large (>100GB) files.
  • Verified: Very large file syncs transfers, with sizes over 2 Terabytes tested and verified


  • Fixed: Bug: In secure editions, CCC-command functionality with ProFTPD and Serv-U
  • Improved: Upload resume optimizations


  • New: One-way file move (transfer & delete)

    All files in the source folder are transferred to the target, and after 100% successful transfer, they are deleted on the source. In other words, files are moved from the source to the target. If a certain file is not transferred in full, it is not deleted on the source. You can create a hot-folder sync task that is configured like this:

    c:\OutBox -> ftp.yourserver.com/InBox

    And all files copied to the c:\InBox (and its subfolders), are moved to the remote /InBox. The sync task can also be set up in reverse:

    ftp.yourserver.com/OutBox -> c:\InBox


  • Improved: Minor user interface changes


  • Fixed: Bug: 4GB+ file resume problems with some servers


  • Improved: Using only absolute full paths on remote server, no relative paths are supported
  • Fixed: Bug: Server path confirmation window had display problems on some systems


  • Fixed: Bug: Over 4GB file listing problems on some servers
  • Fixed: Bug: Resume problems on downloads with some servers


  • Improved: If windows illegal chars like ?|<> are found in remote file/directory names, gives more informative error messages
  • Improved: When writing fails due to read-only files, gives more informative error messages
  • Fixed: Bug: When trying to write to a full disk, did not report proper errors
  • Fixed: Bug: SFTP uploads gives timeouts
  • Fixed: Bug: When network share, like \\server\folder disappears during the sync, shows popup error messages. Now retries and then just lists files with error
  • Fixed: Bug: If target parent dir creation fails, flag all sub-items with error message when sync completes, show correct stats


  • With new MLST/MLSD command support, FTP server lists file time with seconds. Before this, unix servers never included seconds in file timestamp, and they also dropped time altogether for files older than 6 months. This new feature requires that server supports MLST/MLSD commands.


    The MLST/MLSD cmd support might trigger transfer of some extra files on unix FTP servers that support this new MLSD command. This is because servers start to report file time with seconds, and therefore some remote files look like they have changed. To avoid transfer of these files, do like this:

    1) Run sync with your current version
    2) Download and install new 2.0.40 release
    3) Edit Task > Comparison-tab > check Only reset SyncDB file on next run
    4) Run sync with this new release, this will update remote file time info (now including seconds) without transferring any files
    5) Done

  • Added: IBM AS400 server support
  • Added: IBM MVS server support
  • Added: Tandem server support
  • Added: Novell server support
  • Added: VMS server support
  • Added: Possibility to select active NIC in multiple network card systems
  • Fixed: Bug: Dir parser bug introduced in previous release w/ numerical group/userid interpreted as file size
  • Fixed: Bug: Extra dirs sometimes uploaded when getting timeouts during ListDirs
  • Fixed: Bug: In two-way sync, if local dir creation failed, sometimes resulted jammed thread
  • Fixed: Bug: AddToQueue error msg if local folder contained files with pre/postfix spaces like " index.html" and "index.html "
  • Fixed: Bug: Handling properly the case UNIX boxes dropping file time on files older than 3-6 months
  • Improved: Increased default thread count to 4
  • Improved: Optimized speed, 2x-4x faster performance on large scale sync sets (over 10.000 file syncs)


  • Improved: Help pages about public key authentication
  • Fixed: Bug: Cmd line SYNC.EXE uses wrong public key path
  • Fixed: Bug: Settings > SSH generate keys > leave passphrase empty > ok > error
  • Fixed: Bug: SSH key generation window screen update problems
  • Fixed: Bug: If ssh public key authentication was enabled, still required to enter password in settings even it was not used on login


  • Improved: Uses new FIPS 140-2 certified components for secure transfers (certificate #733)
  • Added: SSH public key authentication
  • Added: New task option - Only reset SyncDB file on the next sync run, do not transfer any files
  • NOTICE! Changes below mean that you need to re-enter global settings after installing this release over older version. These changes make it easier to run scheduled sync tasks under different user name, as all users share same settings (earlier settings were separate for each user).
  • Improved: New default location for sync task files is \All Users\Application Data\Sync instead of {Current user}\My Documents\My Sync Tasks
  • Improved: New default location for log files is \All Users\Application Data\Sync instead of {Current user}\Application Data\BatchSync
  • Improved: Writes global settings in registry to {All Users} instead of {Current user}
  • Fixed: Bug: On some computers, separate threads were mixing dir listings due internal caching
  • Fixed: Bug: Few sec local date changes were ignored in two-way sync when server did not report seconds
  • Fixed: Bug: With certain size/date exclude filters, some files were not properly transferred
  • Fixed: Bug: Sync wnd statusbar not update properly on window open and added space for larger file counts


  • Fixed: Bug: FTPS transfers sometimes fail w/ error: Data Socket: The specified address is already in use.
  • Improved: Trial version of SYNC.EXE can now be tested and run w/ Windows Scheduler (earlier testing was not possible due to trial version nag screen that stalled the execution)
  • Improved: Help file and PDF User Manual improvements


  • Verified & tested all functionality with Microsoft IIS versions 6.0, v5.1 and v5.0
  • Improved: Better protection system, new unlock keys
  • Added: Extra logging, max log file size field
  • Changed: Extra log file is now always SYNC.LOG, now includes raw dir listings


  • Fixed: Bug: SSH Tectia server problems. Fixed & tested & verified functionality when connected to SSH Tectia server.
  • Fixed: Bug: Daylight Saving Time (DST) related bug where files are transferred even when they were not changed when computer clock is adjusted for DST


  • Added: Active help in New/Edit task-window to guide user of what input fields needs to be filled-in
  • Added: Sync preview/results window, Threads-pane, added tooltip to show full error msgs (on Status col) w/o need to scroll Threads-pane
  • Added: Sync preview/results window, Log-pane, added tooltip to show full log line w/o need to scroll Logs-pane
  • Improved: Sync task login passwords are now encrypted with 256-bit AES cipher (was earlier 384-bit Blowfish). The AES is adopted as an encryption standard by the U.S. Government.
  • Improved: Sync preview/results window stats rearranged
  • Improved: Show warning if there are extra spaces between include/exclude filters (when multiple filters are used)
  • Improved: If server folder does not comply with UNIX standards, show warning and optionally automatically fix the folder syntax
  • Improved: Uses outgoing port 20 for PASV connections to prevent local sockets to be exhausted on Windows XP computers
  • Improved: Prevent user closing sync preview toolbar
  • Changed: In BatchSync: Running sync tasks with Task Editor is now limited to 10 threads. Command line SYNC.EXE tool can utilize max 25 threads.
  • Tested & verified all functionality on Windows running Japanese OS locale
  • Fixed: Bug: Sync Preview/Results window > threads/log panes sometimes disappear on window resize
  • Fixed: Bug: When running Windows Server 2003 with Japanese locale, long passwords do not work
  • Fixed: Bug: Email sending problems on some Windows Server 2003 systems. Email sending component replaced.
  • Fixed: Bug: Problems in SSH Secure Shell directory parser
  • Fixed: Bug: Problems in Vandyke VShell directory parser
  • Fixed: Bug: SFTP/SSH key regeneration after 1GB transfer sometimes fails


  • Show password as ******** in Site Edit-window
  • Fixed: Bug: Run errors when non-secure edition was used to run sync tasks created with secure edition and protocol was SFTP or FTPS (now resets the protocol to FTP)


  • Added: Send Test Email-button added to Email-tab
  • Fixed: Bug: Sometimes software doesn't send email on success/error
  • Fixed: Bug: Preview > Select show files with errors-option > press Sync > error
  • Fixed: Bug: Extra logging generated log file did not include all ftp cmds
  • Added: Extra logging to email sending (conversation w/ smtp server is now logged)


  • Original Release


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